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Aug 9

With You! Rugby Podcast – Zack Test





This week on the With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the United States Rugby Foundation, Brian Vizard, spoke with 2022 U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame inductee, Zack Test. Test hails from the San Francisco area and is currently an assistant coach with the USA Women’s 7s team. He described himself as an active child being heavily involved in sports. Rugby was introduced to him at 8 years old while he was watching his father, Eric, play for the BATS but he didn’t actually play the game himself until the age of 13. Test attended the University of Oregon as a preferred walk-on for the football team, but then transferred to Loughborough University in the UK after being offered a scholarship. He made his first appearance with the USA Men’s 7s team in 2009 after turning 19. He played a total of 307 games, earned over 60 caps, and was a member of the U.S. Rio Olympics team. He received many more accolades over his 8-year professional career and will be inducted into the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame in 2022.

Show Notes

0:31 – Brian introduces former 7s star, and 2022 U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame inductee, Zack Test.

1:18 – Can you tell us about where you grew up and the sports you played as a kid?

1:46 – How did you get involved in rugby?

2:28 – Tell us about your dad and his influence on you as a rugby player.

3:37 – Tell us about highlights from your U19 and U20 days.

5:06 – Tell us about your college experiences at the University of Oregon and at Loughborough University.

6:26 – What were the details surrounding your experience of getting onto the Men’s 7s team?

8:02 – Brian describes key moment’s in Zack’s professional rugby career.

8:55 – What’s it like playing on the 7 series circuit?

9:56 – Is there anything that helps players cope with being away from home for long periods of time?

10:36 – What would someone who is not familiar with the Series 7 circuit find interesting about it?

11:38 – Was there a player on another team that you have shared a close bond with over the years?

12:19 – What was the feeling you got from being named on the Olympic team? Do you have some favorite memories from competing?

13:31 – Who was your opponent during your first match in the 15s, and what do you remember from that experience? What are some other memories you have from your 15s days?

15:16 – Can you discuss your career-ending injury and your memories from that incident?

17:03 – How special was it to represent the USA in Isreal?

18:20 – How did you get the opportunity to work with the MLR team of the region?

19:09 – Tell us about how you got the opportunity with the USA Women’s 7s program and your current role with the women’s team.

20:13 – What are some of the big differences between coaching elite men and elite women rugby players?

20:49 – Do you prefer the 7s or 15s, and why?

21:20 – Who was the most difficult opponent you faced on the international 7 circuit and what made them a tough opponent?

22:16 – What was the best team you ever faced?

22:56 – Who are two or three teammates you really enjoyed playing with, and why?

24:16 – Of all your rugby memories, is there one in particular that stands out amongst the rest?

24:51 – Of all the tours you’ve done, which is your favorite and why?

25:52 – Looking back on your rugby career, what are you most proud of?

26:20 – What does it mean to you to be inducted into the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame?

Wrap Up

In this episode of With You! Rugby Podcast, Brian Vizard interviews Zack Test about his career, favorite memories, and his current relationship with rugby. After being introduced to the sport by his father, he worked to achieve their combined dream of making it into the Hall of Fame. After an 8-year-long professional career that included numerous tours across the world, hundreds of games, and a stint on the 2016 Olympic team, Test will be inducted into the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame in 2022.