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Pillars of Support


In 1996, the Foundation designed a program to encourage coaches to complete coaching clinics. The Foundation believes growing grassroots rugby starts with the proper techniques provided by coaches to youth athletes.

In Action

New Zealand Crusaders International Rugby Academy

The Foundation works closely with the Crusaders International Rugby Academy to provide coaches the opportunity to attend an immersive experience. By providing grants, the Foundation is contributing to the development of club, college, and high school rugby coaches.


We Need Your Support

With your support, the Foundation could fund additional grants for coaches to improve their skills on the pitch.

Join the clubhouse

Don’t take our word for it. See what coaches are saying.

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“The course provided critical insight and access to world-class rugby minds and concepts. I’m using some of the learned concepts in pre-season materials and how I frame my conversations about their development.”
Matt Trenary
University of Michigan Men’s Rugby
“The Crusaders Coaching class was an incredible opportunity to see rugby from a much wider lens, and take away inspiration and learnings that apply to my work as a collegiate head coach.”
Jamie Frech
University of Michigan Women's Rugby
“I found it interesting to see the professionals making the same skill breakdowns that my college level players make, just not as often. The Coach’s strategy is to ask ‘how do we get better?’ Never right or wrong, good or bad!”
Paul Horne
Western Washington University Men's Rugby
“This course is an incredible opportunity to learn from one of the most innovative and successful rugby programs in the world. I’m eager to bring all my learnings to the rugby community here in the Pacific Northwest.”
Lauren Barber
Rugby WA
“The US Rugby Foundation has played an essential role in furthering my rugby coaching education. My growth along with my club are growing exponentially as a result of attending this course.”
Scott Joyce
Coaches Grant Recipient