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Youth & Development

A Ball 4 All

The US Rugby Foundation's A Ball 4 All Program provides 2,000 balls a year to rugby organizations who apply for the grant. Through the program, rugby organizations have been able to bring the sport of rugby to America’s youth.

The Directors and Governors of the US Rugby Foundation believe that the success of the United States in international rugby is contingent upon the development of the sport at an early age.

Our Impact

It’s more than just rugby. We help people.

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How It Works

Do You Qualify?

All youth, high school rugby teams, physical ed curriculums, and community programs in the United States are urged to apply for the grant. Programs for boys and girls, as well as co-ed programs, will be given equal consideration by the Foundation. Grants are awarded on a first come basis.

Step 1

Review the Grant Policy and see if you’re organization is eligible to apply.

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Step 2

Nominate your organization by completing and submitting the application below.

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Step 3

If the grant request is approved, the rugby balls will be shipped to the address specified in the application.


Don’t take our word for it. See what people are saying.

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“Thank you for your generous donation of the 33 size 5 rugby balls. The team is so excited to have such fantastic support from an organization like the US Rugby Foundation.”
Hammers Rugby Club
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient
"The Poly United Rugby Club is grateful to be apart of this wonderful grant. It is with great gratitude that we have had the opportunity to utilize these balls for the youth in our club. The balls are a huge benefit to the club."
Poly United Rugby Club
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient
“The balls made our pre-season practices incredibly productive as we took a group of novice rugby players and prepared them for their first competition. The Raptors team is very grateful for the generosity of the Foundation.”
HCYA Raptors
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient
"Thank you for your generosity in providing 20 practice balls to Kern Youth Rugby in Bakersfield, CA. We will divide the balls between our 140 member program."
Kern Youth Rugby
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient
"We’ve definitely needed the balls you all donated and put them to use! Thank you for your contribution!"
Southern Pines Youth Rugby
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient
"Thank you for supporting us all these years now. I love every time a kid asks if they can have a ball, and if they ask for it, they get it. So many USRF balls in homes in South LA, which is one place you definitely want them."
ICEF Rugby
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient
“Receiving the ball grant has not only changed the student/youth experience, but also that of our volunteers. Eliminating the equipment pick up/drop off saves our volunteers time and stress.”
Hoosier Rugby
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient
“We enjoy having enough balls from these grants to allow us to leave a few balls with the PE coaches at the end of our sessions so they can continue to include non-contact rugby in their classes.”
Central Alabama Youth Rugby
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient
“We received the rugby balls that the US Rugby Foundation granted us, and we put them to good use! The grant was greatly appreciated from all of us at Sahuarita Spartans Rugby Club.”
Sahuarita Spartans Rugby Club​
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient
“The US Rugby Foundation balls that were gifted are of a far superior quality to what we would have normally.”
South Shore Sharks YRFC
A Ball 4 All Grant Recipient

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Rugby Imports

Thank you Rugby Imports for supplying our rugby balls so that the Foundation can provide hundreds of balls per year to teams across the United States.

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Hall of Fame

$60 for 60 Years

To celebrate our 60 year anniversary, we ran a month-long campaign pleading 6 rugby balls to teams in need, through our A Ball 4 All program, for every $60 raised.

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