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Jan 30

With You! Rugby Podcast – Shane Young & Devin O’Brien





Tune in to this week’s With You! Rugby Podcast and discover more about the work of Memphis Inner City Rugby (MICR)! This inspiring program, co-founded by Shane Young and Devin O’Brien, strives to close the opportunity gap, create a relentlessly supportive community and drive upward mobility in under-resourced communities across Memphis. The US Rugby Foundation has been a proud supporter of MICR since its inception 11 years ago. Listen now to the amazing story of how two passionate college graduates used rugby to change a community and inspire hundreds of kids along the way!

Show Notes

0:20 – Brian introduces Co-founders Shane Young and Devin O’Brien and asks about their rugby background and how they got involved in rugby.

3:35 – What positions did you play and what clubs did you play for?

5:35 – What brought you and how did you get to Memphis?

7:17 – Can you tell us about the origin of the MICR program?

10:36 – What is the mission of MICR?

11:12 – What were some of the initial challenges you faced and how has the program grown over the years?

13:39 – A decade in the rear view mirror!

13:50 – How has the program grown over the years?

15:32 – How many teams, players, and coaches currently fall under MICR?

16:15 – How has being a part of the rugby program benefited the players?

19:45 – How many players move onto college to study or play rugby?

22:20 – What do the parents think about their kids being involved with rugby?

23:54 – Can you expand on what it takes to keep the program up and running?

28:50 – How has Memphis Inner City Rugby made an impact in the community?

30:35 – How can someone listening, support Memphis Inner City Rugby?

32:38 – What are the goals of Memphis Inner City Rugby for the future?

Wrap Up

Shane Young and Devin O’Brien, the inspiring Co-founders of Memphis Inner City Rugby, share how they are working to close opportunity gaps in their community while creating a supportive atmosphere that drives upward mobility. To join them on this mission and make an impact right now visit – your generosity will open up new possibilities for those who need it most!