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Oct 11

With You! Rugby Podcast – Ed Todd





This week on With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the United States Rugby Foundation, Brian Vizard, spoke with Berry Todd, the wife of the late rugby player, coach, referee, and referee administrator for USA Rugby, Ed Todd. Joining her is a long-time friend and referee colleague of Ed’s, Bruce Carter.Ed played rugby for USC and founded the UC Hastings College of Law rugby club while attending school there. After his playing career ended, Ed served as an active referee and administrator. In his position as a referee administrator for USA Rugby and the Northern California Rugby Football Referee Society, Ed helped develop the careers of thousands of referees and laid the foundation for refereeing in America. Ed’s contributions to the sport of rugby are far-reaching and long-lasting. Congratulations on his induction into the US Rugby Hall of Fame Class of 2021.

Show Notes

00:42 – How did Ed and Berry meet?

03:05 – What other sports did Ed play?

04:18 – What were some of Ed’s college rugby highlights?

05:56 – Bruce and Berry talk about Ed’s qualities as a player and his refereeing career.

07:47 – Berry talks about the start of Ed’s coaching career.

08:42 – Berry discusses Ed’s refereeing career and highlights from his coaching days.

11:30 – Bruce shares his memories of Ed and highlights some special moments from his career.

14:30 – A discussion on how Ed set the standard for referees in US Rugby.

16:00 – Berry talks about Ed’s retirement and his involvement in their son’s career.

19:30 – Bruce’s legacy and what he would like to be known for.

22:50 – What was Ed’s favorite memory from rugby?

25:40 – What would Ed think of his induction in the US Rugby Hall of Fame?

Wrap Up

In this episode of the With You! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Berry Todd and Bruce Carter about the late rugby player, coach, and referee, Ed Todd. In his long career, Ed helped set the standard for refereeing throughout the nation. He will soon be inducted into the US Rugby Hall of Fame for his remarkable contributions to the rugby community.