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US Rugby Foundation Grants $10,000 to Girls Rugby, Empowering Young Women Across the Nation

September 18, 2023

The US Rugby Foundation is proud to announce the award of a $10,000 grant to Girls Rugby, an organization dedicated to promoting rugby across the United States. This funding plays a vital role in empowering young women through the sport and supporting the organization's growth nationwide.

 "Receiving this grant from the US Rugby Foundation means the world to a small organization like ours and helps us continue to grow and provide more positive sports experiences for girls in the United States. This support will not only impact our program in Bellingham (WA) but also contribute to our success nationally as we grow and expand to new locations around the country. We are incredibly grateful for the US Rugby Foundation and their belief in our organization to grow our future leaders using the power of sport." - Erin Kennedy, CEO & Co-Founder, Girls Rugby

Out of the grant, $7,500 will be directed towards the Bellingham Program Manager, a pivotal role responsible for ensuring program success. The financial support provided by the US Rugby Foundation will sustain the Program Manager's position, securing the future success of the program. The grant will be allocated to three essential areas: Program Staff, Program Expenses, and Scholarships, promoting the growth of Girls Rugby throughout the United States.

Program expenses, such as field rentals, insurance, program equipment, and marketing opportunities, are crucial for the smooth operation of Girls Rugby programs. The grant will alleviate the financial burden associated with these expenses, enabling Girls Rugby to maintain the delivery of high-quality programs.

Girls Rugby believes in providing equal opportunities for all children, regardless of financial constraints. To foster inclusivity, the organization offers scholarships to families in need. The grant from the US Rugby Foundation will contribute to the scholarship fund, reducing barriers to participation and allowing more girls to experience the game of rugby.

Through funding initiatives like this, Girls Rugby continues to profoundly impact young women’s lives nationwide. By fostering leadership, empowerment, and inclusivity through the sport of rugby, Girls Rugby is nurturing future leaders. The partnership between Girls Rugby and the US Rugby Foundation exemplifies the shared vision of growing and strengthening grassroots rugby throughout the nation. Through their collaboration, both organizations are creating opportunities and transforming lives, one game at a time.

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