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Girls Rugby

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How It Started

The idea for Girls Rugby all started with a phone call in 2017 that led to a dream and a vision of using sport to help young athletes become the leaders and change makers of tomorrow. Girls Rugby knew we wanted to do something that would make a difference and have a massive impact on young athletes, we just weren’t sure where to start. Our first meeting in San Diego was full of ideas about how we could provide more opportunities for girls and athletes to play rugby in a positive, supportive, and inspiring environment. But what would set us apart?

How could we ensure we would make a difference? We knew that opportunities for girls to play rugby and be active at a young age were sparse and we wanted to change that. We also wanted to make sure that our passion for providing children with core values and skills to be successful in life were heavily incorporated, which led to the idea for our values-based curriculum. Rugby is a game rooted in inclusion, diversity, and core values, making it the perfect vehicle for delivering our impact. We knew that if we could provide the right experience for young athletes, just imagine what impact that would make on their lives and the lives of others. After days of brainstorming and planning, Girls Rugby, Inc. was born.

We knew it would be a lot of work to get it off the ground, but we were determined. Our programming provides the opportunity for children to be athletic and healthy with flag rugby, but more importantly, it teaches them life skills that will transfer to every area of their life. It is our goal to bring that experience to as many athletes as we can and help them reach their potential through sport.


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We wanted to find a team sport for our girls that would challenge them but also allow them to have fun. Girls Rugby fits the bill by allowing them to connect with new friends at practice and during the matches.

Anonymous Parent

Our daughter has grown in self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork through Girls Rugby. She has also formed amazing friendships over the years and loves the diversity of girls she gets to spend time with at practice and at games.

Anonymous Parent

What an incredible program. The coaching staff was compassionate and focused on creating an inclusive and fun atmosphere. This was our first foray into team sports and our kiddo couldn't get enough!

Anonymous Parent

We are not just teaching them a sport; we are instilling life skills, resilience, and leadership. The US Rugby Foundation's belief in our mission has sparked a positive ripple effect, creating a lasting legacy in the communities we serve.

Erin Kennedy
CEO & Co-Founder of Girls Rugby
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