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Nov 27

With You! Rugby Podcast - Mike Petri





This week on the With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the United States Rugby Foundation, Brian Vizard, spoke with a former Penn State, former New York Athletic Club, and Former USA Eagles great, Mike Petri. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York playing every sport that he could find, Petri dove into the world of athletics meticulously exploring each sport. He relished the nuances and differences of each athletic competition before falling in love with Rugby. learn more about Mike Petri’s rugby career, his life after the sport, and more in this episode of With You! Rugby Podcast.

Show Notes

1:20 We want to get to know them just a little bit when we start the beginning. tell us about your upbringing where you grew up and what sport you played as a kid.

2:43 Good, let's talk about your involvement in rugby. You started when you were 14 years old. How did you get such a fairly early start in the sport?

5:30 was any of the teachings or how big of an influence was Mike and Bruce and you're playing and coaching career?

6:40 How old were you then and how cool was it to represent your country at such an early age?

9:35 in 2003 you go to captain of How old were you then and that's a big responsibility. And how did it go for you in that role as Captain?

11:20 You played your college career at Penn State University and are a four-time Collegiate All-American. What were a few highlights from her days with the Nittany Lions?

13:10 I think you played the entirety of your career on the East Coast, but one year at Belmont Shore, what brought you to SoCal for that one year?

15:23 I know what it's like to be on a run like that. what do you attribute to NYAC New York Athletic Club success back then?

17:00 You played in three Rugby World Cups. You're still the most cap scrum half and backline player in USA history with 57. Congratulations on those achievements. But of the three World Cups, which was your favorite and why?

19:55 Now, Mike of the 57 test matches that you played in is there one that stands out and why?

21:45 You're in just ahead one of a handful of Americans who played for the barbarians were invited to play for them. How'd you get that call up who made that call? What do you remember about the buildup in that match against Glen athlete and how about the match itself? What do you remember?

24:57 That's great. Mike, you also played professionally in the Premiership with Sale and with Newport and the Pro 12, what were those experiences like any highlights from those years?

30:00 You took a few years off from rugby after the 2015 Rugby World Cup and focused on your family and your career as a high school teacher. But then MLR came about and the Rugby New York franchise Came Calling you to captain that team to the Conference Finals that first year in the league. What is your favorite memory from that year?

are you still involved with rugby and Arc, New York?

32: 15 Barely in your life and you accomplish a lot almost as much as if not more than anybody in the sport here in America. Who are some of your biggest influences along the way?

35:10 What inspired you to write your children's book?

39:00 After your playing days end, you turn to coaching rugby and other sports. Tell us about your coaching career over the past 10 or 12 years.

42:10 Mike all the occasions and years that you've been involved with a sport. What's your favorite memory or two of all your time in the game?

46:42 One last question Mike, what does it mean to be selected as an inductee in the US Robbie Hall of Fame?

Wrap Up

In this episode of the With You! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Mike Petri about his path to the US Rugby Hall of Fame, his experiences coaching rugby, and his upcoming children's book “R is for Rugby”.