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Sep 28

With You! Rugby Podcast – Mike MacDonald





Show Notes

0:45: Brian introduces Mike MacDonald who was, at one time, the most capped Eagle in history.

1:00: Where did you grow up and what are some of the sports you played as a kid?

2:45: Mike talks about what made him decide to go to Cal.

3:29: What makes Cal such a collegiate powerhouse when it comes to rugby?

4:45: Mike talks about some of the highlights from playing rugby at Cal.

6:20: Did any of the championships at Cal stand out to you?

7:50: “Individual awards are always really cool … but at the end of the day it’s a team sport. You’re only as good as your team can be.”

8:50: Mike talks about some of his experiences playing professionally across seas.

10:25: What did it feel like to be voted Player’s Player of the Year and Supporter’s Player of the Year while at Leeds in 2008?

12:00: Mike talks about the beginning of his career as an Eagle.

13:55: What were some of the highlights during your time with the Eagles?

15:00: Do any of the three World Cups you were in stand out as a favorite?

18:25: Do you have any favorite memories or moments that stand out in your rugby career?

20:30: What was it like to transition from player to coach?

21:40: You’re not a coach at Cal anymore一what are your plans now?

22:55: What are you most proud of in your rugby career?

24:12: What does it mean to you to be inducted into the US Rugby Hall of Fame?

Wrap Up

In this episode of the With You! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Mike MacDonald, a truly record-breaking rugby player. After three Rugby World Cups, over 60 caps, and countless other achievements, he became a coach at Cal for several years. Mike will soon be inducted into the 2021 US Rugby Hall of Fame for his accomplishments and contributions to the sport of rugby.