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Aug 30

With You! Rugby Podcast – Jenn Heinrich





This week on the With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the US Rugby Foundation Brian Vizard speaks with Jenn Heinrich, CEO and Co-Founder of Girls Rugby Inc. The US Rugby Foundation recently entered into a partnership with Girls Rugby Inc. to help expand their growth and support grassroots rugby in America.Jenn has always been passionate about sports and she played several in her youth, including soccer at Vanderbilt University. Originally, Jenn worked in marketing and advertising, but after being introduced to rugby by her husband, she began exploring some business opportunities with Rugby Oregon and quickly fell in love with her role there.With a desire to make a difference in people’s lives and a vision of a future where young girls have more opportunities to get involved with rugby, she founded Girls Rugby Inc. The mission of Girls Rugby Inc. is to teach girls skills that can be used in both rugby and in life, and to “empower girls to reach their potential through sport,” Jenn says.

Show Notes

0:25: Brian introduces Jenn Heinrich, CEO and Co-Founder of Girls Rugby Inc.

0:45: Jenn tells us about her involvement in sports and how she got involved with rugby.

1:50: What made you decide to build a youth rugby organization?

3:10: “Building a youth rugby organization … is about more than the wins and the losses一 it’s about building community, being inclusive, and is focused on life lessons and leadership opportunities.”

3:35: Jenn talks about how and why Girls Rugby was founded.

5:15: What are the goals of Girls Rugby and how does it differ from other rugby organizations?

6:45: Jenn shares some of the exciting things that are to come from the partnership between Girls Rugby Inc. and the United States Rugby Foundation.

8:00: What’s next for Girls Rugby?

9:30: Where do you see Girls Rugby in 5 years? What can we expect and look forward to?

10:50: Jenn offers some advice to young girls who have an interest in rugby.

11:30: How can girls and their families learn more about Girls Rugby Inc.?

Wrap Up

In this episode of the WithYou! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Jenn Heinrich, CEO and founder of Girls Rugby Inc. Thanks to their recent partnership with the US Rugby Foundation, Girls Rugby can reach even more young girls to reach their full potential through sport.