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Aug 15

With You! Rugby Podcast - Dr. John Fowler





This week on the With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the United States Rugby Foundation, Brian Vizard, spoke with Dr. John Folwer, former UCLA Bruin, former Santa Monica Dolphin, a former Cincinnati will found Former past US Eagles, 15s and sevens Great, and the 2023 US Rugby Hall of Fame Chairman's Award recipient. Dr. Fowler grew up in Hawthorne, California where he began his athletic career playing baseball, football, wrestling and more. His athletic interests and sharp mind brought him to UCLA where he began his outstanding career. Learn how, through medical school and a rugby career, Dr. John Fowler strove and achieved greatness with the latest episode of With You! Rugby Podcast.

Show Notes

1:10 when did you get introduced to the sport of rugby?

1:35 when did you get introduced to the sport of rugby?

2:12 you played both football and rugby while attending UCLA who is your football coach at UCLA then, did he not have any problem with his players playing rugby as well?

2:59 let's talk a little bit about football. the Bruins won the 76 Rose Bowl? Who did you beat in that game? What do you remember about it?

3:43 you also played Flanker and second row for the Bruins. Who's your coach with the Bruins at that time? And do you have any fond memories from UCLA rugby days?

4:21 Tell us a bit about your time with Santa Monica and Dennis coach you there as well. And who are some of your teammates there.

5:18 you also had a few years playing with the Cincinnati wolfhound. Tell us about your time there.

5:59 You were in seven caps for the Eagles, 15. Seems what was a highlighter too from your Eagle 15's play?

6:50 Was there any particular moment of that game that stands out in your mind other than the intrigue?

7:35 What would your favorite memory from your With the Sevens program?

8:39 While you're attending medical school, how demanding and how difficult was that to balance the two?

10:00 In 1990. You and your wife Diane and the six kids moved to Turkey. What prompted that move?

10:52 Tell us about how you founded the Emergency Medical Association of Turkey.

13:00 John you moved back to the States in 2017. Was there a particular reason you moved back to the US?

14:24 let's turn back towards A little bit of all your rugby memories. Is there? One that stands above the rest?

15:33 Of all your tours, eagles or otherwise, which one stands out and why

17:32 what does being selected is this year's recipient of the US Rugby Hall of Fame, Chairman's Award mean to you

Wrap Up

In this episode of the With You! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Dr. John Fowler about his experience with the rugby world, how he managed the sometimes conflicting careers of medicine and rugby, and the highs and lows of his career. Come support Dr. Fowler and the rest of the 2023 Hall of Fame Inductees this September 16, 2023.