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Sep 12

With You! Rugby Podcast – Alan Sharpley





This week on the With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the United States Rugby Foundation, Brian Vizard, spoke with Bill Taute about the late Alan Sharpley. Alan, one of this year’s US Rugby Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, was a player, coach, and President of the Austin Blacks, and served on multiple USA Rugby committees. Alan was born in Chicago but grew up in Texas. He played football and baseball in his youth and was scouted for rugby at a co-ed softball game. In addition to playing for the Austin Blacks, Alan was in multiple leadership roles with the team and was President of the club for several decades. His administrative experience led to him getting roles with the Western Rugby Union as well as USA Rugby, where he served on the Competitions Committee and the Club Strategic Committee. Throughout his successful rugby career, Alan’s main goal was to make rugby stronger and better in the United States. His commitment to the sport earned him the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award.

Show Notes

0:35 – Brian speaks of the late Alan Sharpley, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, and introduces his friend, teammate, and current President of the Austin Blacks, Bill Taute.

1:25 – When and how did you and Alan first get introduced to one another?

3:30 – Where did Alan grow up and what sports did he play?

4:20 – How did Alan first get involved with the sport of rugby?

5:05 – Tell us a little bit more about Alan’s rugby abilities.

7:30 – How did Alan get involved with the Blacks as an administrator and coach?

9:08 – Tell us about some of the administrative roles Alan had with the WRFU.

10:05 – What kept Alan going in his roles with USA Rugby for so many years?

11:20 – What was Alan’s role with the USA Rugby’s Club Strategic Committee?

13:20 – What do you think Alan would be most proud of from his decades-long rugby career?

15:15 – What’s your favorite memory of Alan?

16:20 – What do you think it would mean to Alan to have been chosen for the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award?

17:15 – What do you think it means to Alan’s family that he’s been acknowledged the way he has?

18:30 – Can you tell us about the Alan Sharpley Memorial Award? Who is receiving it this year?

20:45 – Any closing thoughts about Alan that you want to share?

Wrap Up

In this episode of the With You! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Alan Sharpley’s close friend and current President of the Austin Blacks, Bill Taute. Bill shared stories about Alan’s time playing rugby and gave insight into his various roles within club, regional, and national rugby teams. Alan served on several committees for USA Rugby and was the President of the Austin Blacks for many years. Ultimately, Alan worked hard to strengthen the club rugby community and support the sport however possible. Alan was inducted into the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame on July 15, 2022.