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USRF Provides 500 Balls to Houston Youth Rugby

September 1, 2013

San Diego, CA (September 1, 2013) – In its mission to provide every young rugby player in the country with their very own rugby ball, the USRF is pleased to announce the A Ball 4 All grant of 250 size 4 and 250 size 5 balls to Texas Rugby. Through this A Ball 4 All allocation, 500 youth and high school rugby players in Houston will now have their own ball to play with at their leisure.“Having been a part of the Lost Afternoon Luncheon in Houston the past few years, I’ve seen what great work they’ve done on the youth level,” said USRF Executive Director Brian Vizard. “The luncheon supports youth rugby and every year the event becomes bigger and better. We just wanted to show our support so that more and more kids will have their own ball to play with.”The 500 balls push the number of balls provided by the USRF to youth and high school players and teams in the past two years to over 4,500 balls.“It’s usually a little disconcerting when the FedEx truck backs up to your doorstep, but it’s a good thing my garage already looked as if a rugby game exploded in it as I now have a whole bunch o’balls in there, thanks to the USRF,” said Rugby Texas Executive Director Paul Mabry. “Rest assured, Rugby Texas will get these balls in the hands of Houston area players so that hopefully neighborhoods all over town soon will be seeing kids in front yards tossing them around, enticing others to play.”If you’d like to support the USRF by sponsoring balls for youth players in your area, please contact USRF Executive Director Brian Vizard at 619-233-0765 or at