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USRF Partners with Potomac Rugby Foundation

August 1, 2007

San Diego, CA (August 1, 2007) – The USRF partnered with the Potomac Rugby Foundation for the recently completed 3rd Annual U19 All Star Challenge Cup held at Bocek Park in Baltimore. More than 300 players took part in the weekend event under the watchful eyes of USA Rugby’s U-19 Boys Head Coach Salty Thompson and USA U-18 Boys Head Coach Mike Kwedar.The USRF provided funding for coaches Thompson and Kwedar to be present at the event enabling them to scout out some of the nation’s most promising players.“The Foundation’s Challenge Cup has achieved another milestone for the U-19 program, bringing together some of the best players in the country in a highly competitive showcase event at a superior east coast location,” said Thompson. “This event offers a nice balance with the all star event already established in Colorado and provides a great resource for kids who want to be seen and evaluated.”As a result of their play at the 2007 Challenge Cup, 69 players were invited to the USA Rugby National team U-17, U-18 and U-20 trials.The USRF is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization established in 1963. Although its main focus is supporting youth and high school rugby, the Foundation also provides grants to coaches and referees; establishes international student exchanges and college scholarships, has assisted the United States Collegiate All-Americans and Boys Under-19 teams, and also provides grants to Safety and Risk Management Research.For more information about the Foundation, go to its website at: