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US Rugby Foundation Partners With ‘Girls Rugby’ To Expand Grassroots Rugby In America

July 6, 2021

July 6, 2021 – United States Rugby Foundation (USRF) is excited to announce their new partnership with Girls Rugby, a non-profit organization working with young girls to advocate for their success on and off the field. USRF is expanding their fundraising efforts to those who say “With You!” to grassroots rugby throughout the nation and partnering with Girls Rugby is adding to this initiative in hopes of developing a solid foundation for rugby at the grassroots level.

USRF has the ability to help accelerate and propagate rugby organizations like Girls Rugby to help increase their efforts while also increasing their own efforts. “The US Rugby Foundation is pleased to be partnering with Girls Rugby Inc.,” said US Rugby Foundation President, Brian Vizard. “Jenn Heinrich and her team have done a wonderful job in getting more girls involved in the sport. Not only are they teaching them the game, but life skills as well. We are looking forward to growing our partnership and seeing where we can work in tandem in helping to get even more girls playing the sport we all love.”

Girls Rugby works with girls in grades 2-8 to create a powerful environment with HER in mind that will not only allow her to succeed, but lead and positively influence the trajectory of her life. Girls Rugby believes that every girl deserves the chance to reach her potential and be responsible for her own life.

Girls Rugby provides the opportunity for girls to be athletic and healthy, and teaches them life skills that can be applied to every aspect of their lives. More importantly, their goal is to bring that experience to as many girls as possible and help them reach their full potential through rugby. “Working with Brian Vizard and the US Rugby Foundation (USRF) to develop this partnership has been a game-changer” said Girls Rugby CEO, Jenn Heinrich. “This partnership will allow us to accelerate our growth and expand our reach in key markets. It has already been an absolute pleasure to work with the USRF. Our shared passion for growing grassroots rugby in America, and providing education around leadership and life skills to support young people has led to such a natural partnership”.

USRF has already had the opportunity to provide co-branded match day tents to eight Girls Rugby Teams across the United States. USRF is providing those Girls Rugby teams with a piece of basic equipment to help them rally on game day, and grow the game of rugby from the ground up. This is just the start of an amazing partnership, and there are many more developments to come. USRF and Girls Rugby are excited to partner together. They both value each other’s efforts to bring rugby into the lives of the youth. Both parties will benefit from this partnership and will create a lasting relationship with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness of rugby around the nation.

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