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Kevin Flynn

Kevin Flynn is currently the President of the Seattle Rugby Club and Team Manager for the Seattle Seawolves. In the past 10+ years he has worked with others in the region to create a pathway from youth to adult rugby and connect the community to rugby in the PNW through numerous non-rugby community programs.

Kevin helped create the current Rugby Washington board for youth rugby in Western Washington and was integral in creating the pathway from youth to adult rugby for the Seattle Seawolves to national team. Pathway – Seattle Seawolves.

He has worked hard to have a great network in the PNW to help facilitate the growth of rugby in the region and develop people in the game of rugby whether that is players, coaches, staff or referees.

He looks forward to using this network to bring ideas and proposals to the US Rugby Foundation and to provide support for the growth of rugby and its culture in the PNW.