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Oct 18

With You! Rugby Podcast – Ed Burlingham





This week on With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the United States Rugby Foundation, Brian Vizard, spoke with Ed Burlingham, the previous captain of the US National Rugby team and 2021 Craig Sweeney Award recipient.Ed got involved with rugby after the end of his college basketball career. He first started playing in 1974 at Irvine Coast RFC and eventually went on to become the captain of the US National Team for their first world cup in 1987. Ed captained both the Eagles and several club teams for many years until retiring from his playing days.In 1991, he was made the Assistant Coach of the Eagle Rugby World Cup squad. Ed was also involved in the National Technical Panel and thus helped create ways for players, coaches, and referees to get further development in rugby. Nowadays, Ed is the club president and head coach of his hometown team Back Bay RFC.

Show Notes

0:29: Brian introduces Ed Burlingham to the podcast.

1:36: Ed talks about his time at UC Irvine and his basketball career.

2:46: How did you get involved with rugby?

4:45: Ed’s international debut against the All Blacks.

7:01: Brian asks Ed about captaining the first-ever world cup rugby team.

11:50: Ed and Brian discuss paying tribute to teammates that passed away.

13:25: Comparing rugby today to what it was before.

15:00: Ed discusses his retirement and life after his playing days.

16:39: What was it like to coach the Eagles?

17:50: Ed’s involvement with the US Rugby Foundation is explained.

19:42: Brian asks Ed about receiving the Sweeney award and whether or not he knew Craig as a person.

23:11: What does winning the Sweeney award mean to you?

Wrap Up

In this episode of the With You! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Ed Burlingham, the previous captain of the US National Rugby team. Ed has taken on several different roles within the rugby community: First as a player, then as a coach, and finally as a member of the US Rugby Foundation. His dedication towards the sport of rugby and his many achievements have led to his reception of the 2021 Craig Sweeney Award.