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Aug 22

With You! Rugby Podcast - Dr. Julia McCoy





This week on the With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the United States Rugby Foundation, Brian Vizard, spoke with Dr. Julia McCoy, a former USA Eagles sevens player and sevens coach, founder and coach of the American Rugby Pro Training Center Women's Sevens and a 2023 US Rugby Hall of Fame inductee. Dr. McCoy grew up playing backyard sports and was keenly interested in sports and athletics. Her focus and dedication to sports carried through to her eventual career as a professional rugby player and then later on as she molded her passion and experience into an equally impressive coaching career. Learn how, Dr. McCoy fought hard for the growth and flourishing of women's rugby, inspired young athletes, and instilled her passion in others through coaching with the latest episode of With You! Rugby Podcast. 

Show Notes

2:02 Did you play any high school sports? What did they offer back then?

2:57 You attended Hendrix College, in Conway, Arkansas, and were the female intramural athlete of the year, in your junior and senior years. I’ve got to know. What intramural sports did you play to get those awards?

5:23 Julie's, how'd you first get introduced to Rugby?

6:58 So, sevens was what you first got involved in? what positions did you play?

7:55 What did you like playing more 15s or sevens?

8:43 What club were you playing for while you were playing for the Mustangs?

11:25 After your playing days, are over you, transition to coaching was it an easy or difficult transition for you to go from playing to coaching?

13:09 Is there anything that stands out from what you learned from Kathy Flores and Able Cygnus that carried over into your own coaching experience?

15:54 What are one or two highlights from your head coaching role with the USA Eagle sevens?

19:28 You're the founder, and coach of the American Rugby Pro Training Center, Women's Sevens. Tell us about how that came about and some of the highlights from your time there.

24:40 Of all your tours, plain or coaching, which one stands out and why?

29:25 Final question, what is being selected for the United States Rugby Hall of Fame mean to you?

Wrap Up

In this episode of the With You! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Dr. Julia McCoy about her time spent learning the sport of Rugby and its challenges as a male-dominant sport, her transition from playing to coaching, and her passionate care for her athletes and students. Come support Dr. McCoy and the rest of the 2023 Hall of Fame Inductees this September 16, 2023.