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Dec 3

With You! Rugby Podcast – Bob Ford





This week on the With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the United States Rugby Foundation, Brian Vizard, spoke with the Director of Ellensburg Youth Rugby, Bob Ford.Bob got started with rugby in college after one of his friends dragged him to practice. From that point on, he has been a player, a coach, and now the director of Ellensburg Youth Rugby.In this episode of the podcast, Bob talked about the creation of the Ellensburg Youth Rugby team, the many challenges they’ve had to face, and their goals for the future. The former coach discusses the different youth teams that they have and how they plan to develop them. He also spoke about the help that the team received from the Foundation’s “Make a Pitch” program, and how that has helped the organization maintain its variety of youth teams.

Show Notes

0:07: Brian welcomes Bob Ford, the Director of Ellensburg Youth Rugby.

0:40: Bob talks about how he first got involved with rugby.

1:38: How did Ellensburg Youth Rugby get started?

2:52: Brian asks Bob how Ellensburg Youth Rugby has grown over the years.

4:00: How many boys and girls play for the Ellensburg team?

5:22: How did the city of Ellensburg Parks and Recreation department help the team get going and maintain a pitch?

07:14: Bob talks about how his relationship with the Make a Pitch program got started.

08:20: How has the donation from the foundation helped the team?

09:40: Brian asks about the impact that the Central Washington University team has had on Ellensburg Youth Rugby.

11:18: What advice does Bob have for teams that are trying to get their own pitch?

13:17: What does the future hold for Ellensburg Youth Rugby?

Wrap Up

In this episode on the With You! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Bob Ford, a former rugby player and coach who is now the director of Ellensburg Youth Rugby. Bob talked about the start of Ellensburg Youth Rugby, the many difficulties they’ve had to face to have the right pitch and equipment, and the goals he has for the future of the program. He also gave some advice to other directors or coaching staff members that are wondering how to get started with finding funding and maintaining a pitch for their teams.