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United States Rugby Foundation Raises $860 From Paul Moriarty Jersey Auction

July 23, 2005

San Diego, CA (July 23, 2005) – Paul Moriarty’s green Welsh #8 jersey, recently auctioned on eBay, raised $860 for the United States Rugby Foundation. The auction took place on eBay from July 13-23 and was the second of many proposed jersey auctions by the USRF.“The Moriarty jersey created a lot of interest,” said USRF Executive Director, Brian Vizard, who is donating 10 of the test match jerseys he’s acquired during his 22-test match career with the United States National Team. “We had nearly 1,000 visitors to the page and 32 bids were placed on the jersey. It’s great to see the rugby community getting behind our fundraising efforts.”Every cent raised from the jersey auctions has been targeted for ball grants or High School Start-Up kits, just two of the many ways in which the USRF is supporting rugby in the United States.“When I saw the jersey my first thought was, ‘What the expletive?'”, said high bidder Dick Stevens. “A very good friend of mine married a Welsh lady and is a big fan of Welsh rugby and I was surprised I had never heard of this color jersey being worn by the team. I tried to get him to bid on it but he’s moving back to the States and said his wife would kill him for spending that much.“He’ll be getting it as a Christmas gift and hopefully won’t wear it and stretch it out of shape. Thanks again to the USRF for the opportunity to support our favorite sport!”The next jersey to be auctioned by the USRF will be the France #7 jersey worn by Eric Champ from a match against the United States in 1991.The USRF is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization established in 1963. Although its main focus is supporting youth and high school rugby, the Foundation also provides grants to coaches and referees; establishes international student exchanges and college scholarships, has assisted the United States Collegiate All-Americans and Boys Under-19 teams, and also provides grants to Safety and Risk Management Research.For more information about the United States Rugby Foundation, visit