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The US Rugby Foundation Rolls Out New Membership Program

July 18, 2022

For more than a half century, the mission of the US Rugby Foundation has been to support and grow grassroots rugby in the United States. The Board of Directors has created an annual membership program, called The Clubhouse, to provide opportunities for those who love the game as we do to support the Foundation.

The Clubhouse is an annual giving membership comprised of individuals who are taking a personal responsibility to grow grassroots rugby in America.

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Through engagement with The Clubhouse, supporters of the US Rugby Foundation can assist in the enhancement and growth of its grant programs, which strengthen and grow rugby programs through grants awarded by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Read further to learn how your decision to join The Clubhouse can assist youth rugby programs around the country. The grant programs described below will continue to improve grassroots rugby through your participation in The Clubhouse. The Clubhouse seeks the resources to grow the sport of rugby in America through providing grants such as the ones described below:

- Youth & Development – By providing basic equipment teams need to be successful, we are helping to grow the game from the ground up.

- College Scholarships – Our scholarships provide talented young rugby players the opportunity to decrease the cost of tuition, books, and other student fees.

- Coaches & Referees – We encourage club, youth, high school and college coaches and referees to expand their skill sets by completing coaching and referee courses.

- Health & Safety – We support studies and programs to minimize the risk of rugby injuries, especially when it concerns those in youth and high school programs.

- Pathways to Excellence – Gives promising players a pathway to hone their skills for representative and international level rugby.

Our members recognize the value of social force. By banding together and pooling our contributions, we can have considerably more impact than we could as individuals. It is with great hope that we invite you into our ranks. The Board of Directors of The United States Rugby Foundation cordially invites you to become a Charter Member of The Clubhouse.

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