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Nine New High School Rugby Programs Selected to Receive Seed Funding

March 30, 2023

The US Rugby Foundation (USRF) and USA Youth & High School Rugby (USAY&HSR) have partnered in an effort to increase the number of high school rugby programs throughout the United States. With the USRF providing the funding and the USAY&HSR doing the vetting process, there have been a total of 14 new high school rugby programs selected to receive the seed funding that have come through the first and second application rounds. The goal is for at least 20 new high school rugby programs to be created through this process.

A key mission and function of this program is to drive sustainable growth and legacies for the entire community to benefit from. As such, applications that were submitted to USAY&HSR were assessed based on the following criteria: governance structure, financial plan and budget, rugby development plan, and fields/equipment.

In this recent application round, nine new programs have been selected to receive a grant to help them form their new rugby program:

Congratulations to the selected programs. We look forward to seeing your success on the pitch!

Are you eager to kickstart your high school rugby program with the help of this grant? Keep an eye out for the next application round for your opportunity to apply. 

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