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Enter the U.S. Rugby Foundation’s Drop Kick Challenge

August 20, 2014

The first 50 youth and high school teams to have a player enter will receive 2 kick trainers and 2 ballsSan Diego, CA (August 20, 2014) – Through its partnership with TrainerDoc, the makers of the Perfect Kick Trainer, the U.S. Rugby Foundation invites all youth and high school teams to enter the USRF Drop Kick Challenge by submitting videos of their players attempting 10 drop goals in a minute’s time.The first 50 clubs that have a player submit a video will receive two kick trainers and two balls, courtesy of TrainerDoc. Rules: Youth players must be at least 10 meters back from the goalposts when attempting their drop goals while high school players must be at least 22 meters back. Each kicker will also need a scrumhalf to pass him or her the ball and it’s helpful to have 10 rugby balls on hand to keep it under a minute’s time.The contest will run until October 31.When filming, please make sure the camera is behind the goalposts or the kicker so we can see how successful the kicker was.To help us with our Drop Kick Challenge, Eagle 7s players Nese Malifa and Steve Tomasin lent us a hand.In addition, the team that sends in the best video, decided by a public vote, will also receive 20 U.S. Rugby Foundation A Ball 4 All balls. The producer of the best video will receive a USA Rugby jersey autographed by those U.S. Eagles and Eagle hopefuls who are currently training at the Olympic Training Center.The best video doesn’t necessarily mean a kicker made all his kicks. We are looking for well-done and creative videos, so think outside the box. Just make sure you follow the rules and post the video to Facebook or Twitter with the following text in the post:#aball4all, player’s name, age, club name, and state.Teams can submit as many videos as they want, and are encouraged to do so, but only two kick trainers and two balls will be provided per team, to the first 50 teams that have a player submit an entry.The TrainerDoc Perfect Kick Trainer was created to teach players how to kick a ball properly. Designed by a doctor, who also happens to be a rugby player, the patent pending Perfect Kick Trainer allows the user to get thousands of kicks in a short amount of time, without chasing balls.Scientific studies show repetition is the key to improving athletic performance. The Perfect Kick Trainer will help the user develop multiple rugby skills like punting, passing, drop kicks, grubbers, up and unders, and more… with both feet. Best of all, you can practice rugby in the comfort of your own home.The durable Perfect Kick Trainer is easy to use, one size for all ages and the net fits all ball sizes. It’s perfect! Get the advantage and order your Perfect Kick Trainer now and a portion of the proceeds will help support the U.S. Rugby Foundation.Have fun and kick a drop goal today!