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Matt Godek


Lifetime Achievement Award


Matt Godek is regarded as one of the most influential ambassadors of the sport of rugby in America and the pioneer in the development of rugby equipment and supply.

After playing rugby in college and the U.S. Army in the late 1960s and early 1970s, he opened Godek Rugby and Soccer Supply in Merrifield, Virginia in 1978. Ever since, his name has been synonymous with rugby expertise and knowledge.

His vision for the rugby kit, service, and camaraderie is what set him apart. He is known the world over for his unsurpassed willingness to dedicate his time and service to the sport. If you needed a job done, no matter how big or unique, he would get the job done.

His impact is nearly as big as the game itself, as many ruggers’ memories are associated with the equipment, service, advice and encouragement supplied by Matt Godek.