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Bob Causey



For more than four decades, Bob Causey has helped shape the game of rugby as both a player and coach. The Louisiana native began his rugby career at Louisiana State University in 1972, serving as captain and receiving dual honors as MVP throughout his tenure with the Tigers. Causey was an integral part of representative sides with Baton Rouge Rugby Club, Eastern Rugby Union South, the Eastern Rugby Union, and finally as a member of the United States Eagles from 1977 through 1987.

Causey donned the United States Eagles jersey eight times. His international rugby resume includes matches against Canada, Japan, England, South Africa, and most notably an appearance in the inaugural Rugby World Cup.

“Bob is exactly the type of person rugby should be holding out as an example to others. He was a fierce competitor on the field, covering huge amounts of ground, running hard with the ball and in support, did the gritty jobs in the rucks, mauls, and scrums and was a ferocious tackler. In the line outs he was nearly unstoppable. Bob played with passion and always put the team first. He shared the ball and always did more than his share of hard work that binds a team together,” said former teammate, Jack Breen.

After the conclusion of his playing career, Causey would continue to share his passion for the game by coaching his alma mater, LSU Rugby, to an impressive career record of 187-30 and a No. 6 national ranking in 2009. Causey has dedicated much of his time to serving as an ambassador of the game in the southern region of the United States and beyond.

“In short, Bob “Big Red” Causey is the model of what rugby is all about. His dedication, toughness and camaraderie are legendary and his exploits on the pitch unequalled. Bob is deeply respected and truly loved by the rugby community of Louisiana and throughout the South. He continues to give back to and support the sport that has been so much a part of his and countless teammates, friends and players lives.,” said fellow LSU Rugby Coach, Scott. F McLean.

From player to coach, his influence on the pitch has produced a new caliber of play and thus has cemented his place in the United States Rugby Foundation Hall of Fame.