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Dean Pappas

Dean leads DXC’s Aerospace, Defense, and Manufacturing Managing Partner team in the Americas. He is responsible for bringing technical strategy to clients along with the business alignment to ensure digital efforts are delivering business value that influences sales, costs, and quality.

Dean has embraced rugby to support his daughter, Arianna Pappas’, ambitions. Dean learned that GA needed rugby growth to provide his daughter with the opportunity she was seeking in a sport they both fell in love and so Dean started theLady Rebels and started working hard to incubate other GA clubs.

Dean expanded his reach by joining the SYRO as a VP. His focus has been to demystify rugby for the state, bring in more ownership from member clubs, orchestrate larger events, and aggressively recruit players, coaches, and referees. Dean lives in East Cobb with his wife Colleen, and two daughters Arianna and Abigail.