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Becca Rosko -
 2016 Kevin Higgins College
Scholarship Grant Recipient

San Diego, CA (December 26, 2016) - For the first time since 1924, the sport of rugby was featured in the Summer Olympics, but 2016 Kevin Higgins College Scholarship recipient Becca Jane Rosko has had the opportunity to make history as a member of the inaugural Youth Olympic Rugby Team in Nanjing, China in 2014. Rugby is much more than a sport to Becca, but rather a stronghold and way of life. The pitch is her second home! “I am proud to say rugby has taken me around the world to play at different levels of intensity within. In my personal life, rugby has provided me with endless happiness, whether it being through comparing gnarly bruises with teammates, or taking me to a place I can clear my head to be calm and focused.”

She was a member of the Summit Girls Rugby Club in Frisco, Colorado. With Summit, she was a two-time first team Academic All-State selection, four-time captain and state champion, and High School All-American selection in both 7’s and 15’s. Becca asserts dominance on the field and has the honors to show for it. Her other honors included traveling to Nanjing, China to play in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, being a part of the Atlantis Select Side Teams in 2014-2015, and playing for the inaugural Tiger Rugby Club Women’s team in 2014 at the Cancun 7’s. To say Becca has a long list of more historic and honorable achievements ahead would be an understatement!

She will achieve her long-term goal of playing at the collegiate level for Dartmouth College this year. Becca’s other rugby goals include making the Women’s National 7’s team, representing the United States on an international level again, and to be named to the Olympic team. In the meantime, she will work to achieve spots on the Junior U20, Collegiate U23, and Senior All-American teams. After her playing career concludes, she plans on giving back to the rugby community that has given her endless opportunities, by becoming a coach.

Becca attended Summit High School where she graduated with a 3.8 GPA and played varsity soccer and basketball. Aside from athletics, she was involved with the French Honor Society, the Interact Club (Junior Optimists), and served as Venture Crew 888 President. Becca volunteered with numerous philanthropic organizations, including, animal shelters, community dinners, childcare, charity races, Usborne Books, Summit Historic Society, and Christmas tree collections.

Her well-rounded involvement and character is what allows her to connect with so many people of different backgrounds and succeed in everything she does. She was recommended by many to receive the Kevin Higgins College Scholarship, including Richie Walker, U.S.A. Women’s 7’s Head Coach. “The most important thing that I have noticed with Becca over the years is her positive attitude and willingness to always help others. This attitude, combined with her intelligence on and off the field, will serve her well in life as she is one of the best girls that I have ever had the chance to teach and coach,” said Walker.

At Dartmouth College, Becca will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the medical field. She plans on attending graduate school to receive a PhD and work as a pediatrician or physical therapist. She has also taken interest in criminology and psychology and would love to use her medical degree to help investigators and victims. In some way, shape, or form she would love to incorporate her rugby background into her career, saying, “Who knows? Maybe I will study blood patterns on and off the rugby pitch.”

As a freshman, Becca has already made her mark on the Dartmouth Women’s Rugby Program. “Becca made a huge impact straight out of the gates at Dartmouth, scoring two electric breakaway tries in her first collegiate match,” said Dartmouth Women’s Rugby Head Coach, Katie Dowty. "An All-American fullback in high school, Becca slotted in easily at 10 for us, leaving her own dynamic mark on the position. Her ability to read the game and impressive turn of pace makes her a constant threat with ball in hand and her ability to move the ball allowed us to play an expansive style. Becca is absolutely fearless on defense, making huge stand up tackles despite her size. Off the field, Becca has worked hard in the classroom, embracing the rigors of an Ivy League education while balancing life as a collegiate Division I athlete. She is a dedicated young rugger with a contagious smile and laugh." 

Congratulations Becca, on being named a 2016 Kevin Higgins College Scholarship recipient.

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