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 Kate Silvey - Director

Kate Silvey was introduced to rugby in 2008 at Colgate University. She played all four years at Colgate, and was the scrum captain and 8-man for the final two seasons of her career. She organized the first international trip for the women's team to travel to Edinburgh and London, where they played professional women's rugby teams and worked with the coaches of the London Harlequins.

At Colgate, she studied Chemistry and decided, after working at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, that she wanted to enter the health care field as a nurse. She then entered the Direct-Entry Bachelor's to BSN/MSN degree program, focusing in acute care oncology at Northeastern University. She has just returned from setting up medical clinics in the Dominican Republic and currently lives in CT, working as an RN.

 She joined the Rugby Board of Directors in early 2014.