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 Dallas Frye -
 2012 Kevin Higgins College
Scholarship Grant Recipient

San Diego, CA (December 5, 2012) - Dallas Frye began playing rugby five years ago. He started out on the wing for the Colorado Springs Grizzlies Rugby Club but as he got bigger and more experienced he started gravitating towards the forwards. He played center for the Grizzlies as a junior and spent his last season in high school alternating between open side flanker and #8. The Grizzlies enjoyed success with Dallas leading the way. They won Colorado state titles in 2010 and 2011. And with Dallas as the Grizzlies captain in 2012, they not only defended their state title but finished third in the nation.

Veteran Grizzlies head coach John Paterson knew early on that Dallas was a special player. “From the first day Dallas turned up to practice he immediately demonstrated a maturity befitting a more senior student. He was at all times totally committed to learning about the game and very soon demonstrated leadership qualities well in advance of his years. He is a gifted athlete but he quickly identified that this would not necessarily get him the right to higher levels so he devoted additional time to the sport outside of practices.

“Dallas also portrayed a high level of punctuality, planning and execution skills, decision making skills, social engagement skills, selflessness, diplomacy, self-discipline and control, ability to think and react under pressure, sportsmanship, teamwork, courage, and respect and pride for the people around him and for this great game. It has never been about himself. His post match speeches were uplifting in so far as portraying respect for the opposition and the way they played but most importantly thanking his team for unifying together and executing as a team effort.”

Dallas never hesitates to volunteer his time to help others. One of his volunteer activities included being a camp counselor at High Trails Outdoor Education Center for students at Timberview Middle School Summer Camp. Dallas is also a licensed pilot. He flew about 75 hours with an experienced pilot before he was allowed to fly solo. He then had to a fly a successful “cross-country” solo trip which he did when he fly from Colorado Springs to Garden City, KS and back. Dallas received his pilot’s license in 2011.

Dallas is just the type of player than any collegiate program would love to have on its roster. Dallas chose the University of Northern Colorado to continue his studies and rugby. “Since arriving here he has been at every practice, meeting and rugby event,” said UNC head coach Mark Smith. “He is one of the most dedicated freshmen rugby players that I have had in 15 years of coaching collegiate rugby players in the US. In addition to attending all events he is fast becoming an increasingly present member of the UNC rugby community. His natural leadership abilities are already noticeable, both on and off the field. For example, he is not a naturally outgoing individual but when he speaks players and coaches listen. He has been a needed bridge in our program between the seniors, freshmen and coaches.

“On the field, he plays the game the way rugby should be played. He is extremely respectful to teammates, officials and opponents, but plays with a dogged sense of determination. Therefore, he plays hard and physical, but fair. As such he is one of those rare breed of freshmen that is capable of starting and not being recognized as a freshman. Several coaches have commended him on his playing abilities and have been shocked to learn that he is a true freshman. Overall, Dallas has been a pleasure to coach and get to know this semester. He is reliable, committed and respectful. In my opinion he typifies the spirit of the game as is should be represented both on and off the field.”

It’s good to see Dallas hasn’t changed his demeanor on or off the pitch. While pursuing his degree Dallas also plans on participating in the Army R.O.T.C. program and eventually hopes to be a member of a Special Forces team so he can “serve my country and travel the world at the same time.”

Congratulations Dallas on being named a 2012 Kevin Higgins College Scholarship recipient.

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