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 Taylor Johnson -
 2010 Kevin Higgins College Scholarship Grant Recipient

San Diego, CA (November 1, 2010) - Taylor Johnson has always excelled scholastically. She was the 2010 class valedictorian at View Park Prep High in Los Angeles, CA graduating with a 4.1 GPA. “Her work ethic on the rugby field equals her work ethic for her studies,” said Stuart Krohn, Director of Inner City Education Foundation (ICEF) Rugby and Johnson’s rugby coach. “Academics were all she had ever seriously pursued until she found rugby.”

She was able to transfer the attributes that made her an excellent student to the pitch and she realized then that she “could be smart as well as strong; be both an excellent student and an athlete. It was a turning point in my life.”

Taylor’s rugby pursuit began six years ago at ICEF. She has always played in the forwards, beginning her career in the front row but for the past few seasons has been plying her trade in the backrow. She started out in 6th grade as a founding member of the ICEF girl’s flag rugby team. From 7th to 12th grade Taylor played full contact rugby and was selected twice to play for the Southern California All-Stars Team, with whom she competed at Nationals. Taylor also had the opportunity to tour with her ICEF team to New Zealand, Washington D.C, and twice to Hong Kong.

While Taylor has made an impact internationally with her rugby skills, she is making an even greater impact closer to home and off the pitch.

She was a teacher’s assistant at the 42nd Street Elementary School in the summer of 2008, working with special needs children. In the summer of 2009 she was a counselor in training at Camp Bloomfield for the Junior Blind of America, serving as a camp instructor and aide during a week-long overnight camp for blind and visually impaired children. While a junior, she taught middle school children how to set and achieve personal and academic goals as a Going for the Goal leader. And in her junior and senior years she volunteered at the BrittiCares 5K Run/Walk, an organization that provides support to children with cancer.

She gave back to her school as well as she was View Park’s Student Body Vice-President her senior year and Class Vice President her junior year. During her junior and senior years she was a member of the National Honors Society; a California Association of Student Councils Delegate; and a member of the View Park Prom Committee and BrittiCares International. Taylor also participated in the View Park choir and drama club during her freshman and sophomore years.

Her travels have inspired her future career aspirations and her pursuits at Dartmouth College. Taylor is seeking a double major in Engineering and Anthropology. “I feel that an understanding of human culture can only benefit me when working in a field such as engineering, which focuses on structures that must cater to human beings and their behaviors.”

Taylor has also shown tremendous potential on the collegiate rugby front. According to her coach, Deb Archambault, “six weeks into her college career, Taylor is already offering real competition to the upperclasswomen for a first-side position.” She is a stand-out on the developmental squad and has also been a sub in several first-team matches.

Archambault had this to say about Taylor receiving the Higgins Scholarship. “I saw Kevin play for OMBAC several times, as well as watching him play for the U.S. and I remember it well because of the absolute heart and joy with which he played. Taylor is cut from a similar cloth, and awarding her a Kevin Higgins College Scholarship will honor his memory in the best possible way.” The USRFF agrees.

Congratulations Taylor on being named a 2010 Kevin Higgins College Scholarship recipient.

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