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 Collegiate All-American Team for
South Africa Tour Named 

San Diego, CA (July 6, 2009) - USA Rugby has announced the Collegiate All-American Team that will be taking part in a three-game tour of South Africa that will commence on July 24, 2009. The All-Americans, comprised of the finest young rugby talent in the country, play South Africa Universities on August 1, the Argentina Jaguars on August 5, and a Western Province University all-star team on August 8.

The Collegiate All-American team bears the same crest as the 1924 USOlympic rugby team. Like that gold-medal winning team, the All-Americans are made up of collegiate-athletes from some of our great American universities. And, like that ’24 US team, who against 20-to-1 odds beat the mighty French National Team in Paris in front of a sold-out 50,000 strong crowd, the team ethos is one that represents those American ideals of hard-work, creativity, entrepreneurialism, grit, and a will to succeed against the odds.

It is no surprise then, that for many years, the All-Americans have made up the majority of the National Team: 11 2008 All-Americans have advanced to become Eagles or National Sevens players; and nine current All-Americans are vying for spots in the World Games with the US 7s team. Moreover, the All-Americans continue to produce many quality men’s club players. All 12 athletes who graduated with the 2008 All-American team have made contributions to the US Eagles, the US 7s team, and / or in the men’s club ranks this year.

"We are excited about the prospects of playing in Western Province," said Collegiate All-Americans head coach Alex Magleby, himself, a former collegiate stand-out and Eagle. “We have received good support so far from our All-American friends in the US rugby community. Every little bit counts. It is a short time frame to financially prepare for a tour; however, we felt that this was just too good an opportunity for some of our best up and comers to miss out on. Any chance of playing in South Africa against quality competition, at a relatively reasonable cost, should be taken."

The team is comprised of 15 backs and 17 forwards.

Clark, Chad (St Mary’s College)
Engelbrecht, Keegan (University of California)
Grossheider, Kyle (Life University)
Harris, Ryan (University of California)
Hawley, Colin (University of California)*
Kelm, Duncan   (San Diego State University)
Leland, Hunter (Texas A&M University)
Lubbe, Dylan (Brigham Young University)
Mateialona, Benny (Life University)
McMaster, Aaron (Life University)
Muhn, Dustin (University of California)
O'Meara, Brendan (St Mary’s College)
Ross, Alex (San Diego State University)*
Scully, Blaine    (University of California)*
Tiberio, Peter (University of Arizona)

Bester, Paul (Life University)
Biller, Chris (University of California)*
Brown, Joey (Mesa College)
Dolan, Cameron (Life University)
Evans, Roland   (Arkansas State University)
George, Mike (University of Wyoming)
Herbert, Richard (Cal-Poly State University)
Katzfey, Tom (St. Norbert College)
Lewis, Tony (University of Nebraska-Omaha)
McKenna, Eddie (Cal State Dominguez Hills)
Parker, Chris (Texas A&M University)
Pasque, Tommy (University of Colorado)
Purcell, Brenden  (San Diego State University)
Rock, Casey (Metro State College of Denver)
Silverman, Ross (UC - Santa Barbara)
St. Pierre, Steve (Brigham Young University)*
Su'a, Mike (Brigham Young University)

*=Player capped by USA senior XVs or 7s team

"Although our focus remains on youth and high school rugby, the Rugby Foundation acknowledges the importance of the All-American program," said USRF Executive Director Brian Vizard. "We've all seen the impact that current and former All-Americans like Clever, Emerick, Swiryn, Biller and Hawley are having on the National Team. I've been fortunate to have toured  South Africa and know that this year's All-American squad will return to the States will a wealth of rugby knowledge."

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation towards the Collegiate All-Americans South Africa Tour, you may do so electronically, or by making a check out to the USRF and earmarking it for the Collegiate All-Americans South Africa Tour. Send your checks to:
United States Rugby Foundation
2131 Pan American Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101

Any amount, big or small, is welcomed and appreciated. All contributors will be acknowledged in the All-Americans Tour Report, compiled at the end of the tour.

On behalf of the Collegiate All-Americans and the USRF, thank you for your support.