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 Hanno Dirksen - 2008 Developmental Grant Recipient

I was born in South Africa and grew up there before my family moved to the USA in 2006. I have been playing rugby since I can remember. I literally grew up next door to a rugby field and was always out there playing with friends or kicking a ball around by myself. My dad and uncle were big influences on my rugby. My dad played professionally and he also coached. My uncle played for the Springboks as well.

I played for the Blue Bulls U12s and U13s before I left. After coming to America I was selected to play for the USA U17s and have recently been selected for the USA U18s. I also played for the South Barbarian team and the Georgia selects.

This trip to New Zealand is a big opportunity for me and for my knowledge of rugby to expand. I’m looking forward to the chance to be able to play and practice in a foreign country and to be able to compare myself with other kids my age from around the world as well as to become a better rugby player.

I would like to thank all those who are responsible for this opportunity.

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