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 Cameron Dolan - 2008 Developmental Grant Recipient

Desire is the most important factor in the success of any athlete. To succeed in anything in life you must have that ONE key factor; Desire. Growing up I’ve learned that you must work at everything you do to become the best.

While growing up in Southwest Florida I have learned that in order to gain anything in life you have to work towards that goal. Being the son of two very hardworking parents, Terrey Dolan and Lori Conrad, has really shown me what it takes to make it in this world. Luckily I have been able to take these traits and put them into what I have discovered that I love to do. Using these characteristics in rugby has helped me become not only a better player on the field, but off it as well.

Rugby has taken me many interesting places in the short time that I’ve been playing it; places that most 17 or 18 year olds would not normally have the opportunity to go and visit.

I started off at my local high school playing for the Naples Bears Rugby Club in December 2006. From there I was scouted and chosen to attend a camp for the USA U-17 team in the Spring of ’07. I was selected to tour England later that spring with the U-17 team and competed in the annual Millfield Rugby Festival in England.

While in England at the Millfield Tournament, I was seen by a local school coach and was awarded a scholarship to attend St. Edwards School in England for the fall of ’07. I played Number 8 at my school and was selected to the Gloucestershire U-18 team for games against Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset. Unfortunately, living in England wasn’t working out for me so I moved back in the winter of ’07.

I then started playing for the Naples Hammerheads D1 men's side where we took second in the state of Florida. While playing for Naples I was selected to play for the USA U-18s and this past spring we toured England. Unfortunately I injured my shoulder just after the first game and was not able to participate in any more games for the rest of that tour.

I have recently been offered an excellent tuition scholarship to attend and play for the Life University Rugby Club in Marietta, Georgia this coming autumn.

My association with the sport of rugby has been like a “whirlwind” in the short period of time I have been playing. Luckily, I have excelled well enough over the past couple of years to get me to the position where I am currently. This opportunity to train in New Zealand is going to be a major step and building block in my goal of one day competing in the next World Cup with the USA Eagles Men’s side. I would be remiss if I did not say a sincere thank you to a few of the coaches I have had since I commenced playing, these include: Coach Steve Young, Larry Fox, Sean O’Leary, Damien Dowling, Bart Bortoff, Larry Cummins, Stuart Low, Coilin Jones, Mike Diamantopoulos, and Salty Thompson. I would also like to thank the Rugby Foundation and sponsors for making this trip a possibility.

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